Loving the Machine

Machines have definitely boosted human efficiency, but what does it bring or take away from our search for significance from our other. it would aid communication one would assume, bridging distance and time with light and bytes but what gets lost in translation? maybe I haven’t fully understood its signs and symbols yet?

Creative Critical Contribution

for my CCC, I recreated a juxtaposed love letter using more contemporary lingo with a lovestruck emoji and chat bubbles on a dated paper, a slight nudge to the era of love preceding the internet. a time where the way one expressed their affections needed a lot more thought that if to spell LOVE with an “O,E” or just “U”, better still just send a lovestruck smiley.

My anxiety with miscommunication is not a total right off of exploring love in digital spaces matter of fact, online communities speed up the globalization process, dissolves racial and national barriers.  but the speed at which the digital evolves makes it a little tedious constantly learning new tech and tech-vocabulary every 3months

it also increases the propensity for infidelity, anxiety, even divorce for some as suggested by an internet meme I came across which read “since sex became easier to get, love became hard to find”. but I can argue that for others it has given intimacy a new dimension. well now we can be alone together

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