Fear and Liquid Modernity

“Fear is at its most fearsome when it is

diffuse, scattered, unclear, unattached,

unanchored, free floating, with no clear
address or cause; when it haunts us with no
visible rhyme or reason, when the menace we
should be afraid of can be glimpsed
everywhere but is nowhere to be seen.
‘Fear’is the name we give to our
uncertainty: to our ignorance
of the threat and what is to be done
to stop it in its tracks”
(Bauman 2006, p.2)
Zygmunt Bauman: ‘No one is in control. That is the major source of contemporary fear’ youtube lecture paints a vivid picture of the current state of contemporary fears. illustrating it as a state of uncertainty. most contemporary fears seem to stem from our lack of control and even more worrying is no one actually has control. this fear has become a symptom of what Bauman calls Liquid modernity.
He’s concept of liquid modernity suggests that most social structures are in a state of constant flux changing and evolving as it moves as it comes in contact with other structures. and the ethic of self-fulfillment and achievement seem to be the most powerful current in modern society

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