Undergraduate Degrees


Bachelor Of Science Sociology (BSc) 

University Of Abuja, Abuja 2005-2010


Bachelor of Art Graphic Design (BA)

Coventry School of Art and Design 2013-2016

Masters Degree

Master of Arts Communication Culture and Media (MA)

Coventry University School of Performing Arts 2016 – 2017


Other certifications 

Adobe  Certified Accociate 2014

Visual Communication using Photoshop

Diploma In Multimedia Design

Abinibi Creative Academy, Lagos

Multimedia Design
creating design solutions for both Print and Digital media. ranging from illustrations, album art, posters, magazines/publications, web and UX design etc.
Visual Communication
Creating design solutions that reminds your consumers how special ur brand and ideas are to them.
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Curriculum Vitae

Corperate Profile Design

Creation of Goshen 2 Technique corperate profile material which was aimed at providing basic company infomation to perspective clients and consumers.

Internship (Junior Designer)

ENTREPRENEUR by The Street Hawker. Magazine| April - June 2010

undertook taskes which involved laison with client, page layout and branding.

Marternity educational Materials (Designer)

Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Birth. Pregnancy guide, Gift Of Life. Brochure

(Bethel creations in patnership with National Primary Health Care Development Agency.)

I was tasked withe the creation of health care materials aimed at assisting mid-wifes educate expectant mothers 

Rebrand Project (Designer)

International Institute for Petroleum Energy Law and Policy(IIPELP)

CAB 75th Anniversary publicity material

Design of the leaflet

Romani Week publicity material

Created poster & flyer for the Romani week event, I also Managed the Team

Mothers Fort

Complimentry and I.D cards along with Brochure and Resource guide

Flamenko Coventry

I created publicity materials aimed at creating awareness for the event

The Street Hawker

ENTREPRENEUR by The Street Hawker |Magazine|

Employment Period: April - June 2010

Position: Internship (Junior Designer)

Roles and Responsibilities: undertook tasks which involved liaising with clients, page layout and branding identity development.







Employment Period: 2015-2017

Position: Creative Consultant

Roles and Responsibilities:

Creating a Brand Identity that Reflect and represents the ideals of this production company



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